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Virgin Orbit National Systems is a US-incorporated, wholly-owned subsidiary of Virgin Orbit, LLC. It provides the national security community of the USA and allied nations with responsive, dedicated, and affordable launch services for small satellites bound for Low Earth Orbit. Headquartered in El Segundo, California, Virgin Orbit National Systems can provide study, analysis, integration, and launch services using Virgin Orbit’s LauncherOne, while ensuring our customer’s critical information is protected.

Successful Missions

We are in the business in keeping you SAFE Protect or Replenish

We understand the importance in keeping your small satellite safe in space.  Our Cosmic Girl and Rocket capabilities insure mission assurance.  Our safety net starts at ground level rocket build, launch readiness, and end with accurate orbital placement. And for unseen cosmic event we can replenish your backup satellite in the same orbit or in a higher performance orbit.


Are you safe in Space?

Responsive Space is crucial in the event of foreign attack.  We have the capabilities to use our mobile airplane launch vehicle from any certified spaceport airport and outsmart the attack. We can launch and replenish your destroyed satellite. 

Virgin Orbit National Systems

US Government Contracts Rapid top security small satellite launch services

Virgin Orbit National Systems

Orbit Insertion Accuracy

Custom Mission Design

Mission Assurance

Payload Accommodations

Secure Govt Contracts

Ride Share Manifest

Launch Readiness Testing

Post-Launch Evaluation Report

Unlike Anything We’ve Ever Built

The Making of a Rocket and one of a kind in the WORLD Mobile Launch Vehicle.  We can launch at any certified spaceport airport.  No need to worry about winds, fog, or rain to ruin your launch.



Cosmic Girl Launch on any verified spaceport airport 


New Certified Govt Spaceports

Daily airports are being added as certified spaceport.  We can launch your payload at the nearest one.

Virgin Orbit National Systems


21 Days Take It To Ride

Read how we add a Govt Contract satellite to our manifest including “DO NO HARM” in 21 days

Virgin Orbit National Systems

Ride Share

Couple Analysis

On Target from Mission Design to Launch

Insertion Analysis

Missed your Launch date?

Ride with us – 21 days take it to launch

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Virgin Orbit National Systems

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Virgin Orbit National Systems